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Who We Are

Boone County Coalition to End Homelessness was originally started as a task force of the Basic Needs Coalition in the mid-2000's. At that time our name was Functional Zero Task Force. 


Functional Zero is that point when a community's homeless services system is able to prevent homelessness whenever possible and ensure that when homelessness does occur, it is rare, brief, and one-time.

In 2022, to more accurately describe what we do, the members of the group voted to change our name to the Boone County Coalition to End Homelessness.

Image by Kylie Haulk

Boone County Community Services
Burrell Behavioral Health
Columbia Housing Authority
City of Columbia
Columbia Mobile Aid Collective
Compass Health

Missouri Department of Mental Health
Flourish Initiative
Heart of Missouri United Way
Love Columbia
Mid-Missouri Legal Services
Missouri Connections for Health

New Horizons Community Support Services
Phoenix Programs
Room at the Inn
True North of Columbia
The Salvation Army
Turning Point
Stop Human Trafficking Coalition

Harry S. Truman Veterans' Hospital
VAC - Voluntary Action Center
Welcome Home

Member Organizations

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